Elegant brownstones and mansions surrounded the park.

Welcome to NoMad

An elegant stopover between midtown and downtown.
Nomad, short for North of Madison Square Park, has been a tight-knit enclave since the park’s founding in the 1600s. Elegant brownstones and mansions surrounded the park, and historic figures like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Grover Cleveland lived nearby. Over the years, it became known for its luxury boutique hotels and restaurants, creating its own niche in the New York dining scene.

The Neighbors

A demographic of established residents.
Nomad is a favorite of residents who welcome the non-stop, vibrant pace. This neighborhood tends to attract the more professional crowd. Nomad also attracts a crowd looking for a neighborhood that has the convenience of midtown, but the fun, casual environment of downtown. Nomad is also a popular choice for those who can often find larger apartments in many of the luxury doorman buildings around the neighborhood.

What to Expect

An easy commute from a central location.
Neighbors moving to NoMad have the luxury of being close to many central subways. When you live here, getting to other parts of the city and outer boroughs is easy. Nomad is centrally located in the middle of the city, and acts as a passageway between midtown and downtown as well as the Eastside and Westside of Manhattan.

The Lifestyle

Fast-paced work days during the week, relaxing weekends at Madison Square Park, and a fun and accessible dining and nightlife scene.
During the day, NoMad as a working destination, and can feel like busy Midtown in some parts of the neighborhood. Outside of the flow of working professionals, the neighborhood is centered around its namesake, Madison Square Park.

The city redeveloped Madison Square Park in 2001, and since then the area has become a popular place for a stroll, sunning on the grass, or other leisure activities. One of the main attraction's in Madison Square Park is the original Shake Shack, a beloved food hub for many New Yorkers.

On a sunny day, this popular restaurant can have lines extending all the way around the park. But delicious food in the park is not limited to the ShackBurgers and Shack Stacks.

Popular food events such as Madison Square Eats attract people from all around the city to come down for a quick bite at the outdoor food stalls. Another popular stop in Nomad for foodies is Eataly, a high-end market for quality Italian food. People from all over come here for a taste of Italy, whether it’s gourmet food, gelato, or wine. Great food is plentiful in Nomad.

There are a range of restaurants, from upscale dining to more casual choices. As the sun begins to set and the evening quiets down, Nomad transitions into a peaceful, calm neighborhood. But that doesn’t mean the night ends early here in NoMad. High-profile restaurants like the Breslin and the Hurricane Club stay open until late and are popular on the avenues near Madison Square Park.

What Not to Expect

A quiet neighborhood removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.
During the daytime, heavy foot and car traffic make Nomad a slightly noisy neighborhood, especially farther North towards 34th Street, Those looking for a tranquil, secluded area might find Nomad to be less than ideal. You’ll find Nomad to be quieter as you head east towards Fifth and Park Avenue, especially on the side streets bordering Madison Square Park.

The Market

Expensive with low vacancy rates.
High rise luxury buildings are popular near Madison Square Park, but walk-ups exist on every block. Many people move to Nomad for its new high rise condo, co-op, and rental buildings, which can be quite pricey. But walk ups in brownstones and pre-war buildings are more affordable and sometimes offer similar amenities. Because the neighborhood is newly re-developed, there are many apartments here for rent.

You'll Fall in Love With

Nomad’s high-energy mixed with casual cool.
NoMad has gone through many changes and has turned from a quiet neighborhood into an energetic area where neighbors work just as hard as they play. But even when the going gets rough, you can always find a place to rest in Nomad.

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